What Does Real Estate and jvpulse.com Have in Common?


JV Pulse is about helping you establish Joint Venture Partnerships in the real estate and property market.

Do you need partners to help develop a piece of property?  Do you have the financial or technical ability to successfully develop a real estate project but need partners who own property and can benefit from your skills?

JV Pulse is the market place to find those partners.  Working and collaborating with people, who have resources that compliment yours is a time tested way of developing real estate.


Joint ventures

When you search the Nigerian internet space, you find websites dedicated to real estate sales or rental properties. These are great, but there is nowhere to go, that specifically helps people find property development partners.

These Partnerships are commonly called ‘joint ventures’ and our job at JV Pulse is to help you create them.

Our website focuses on listings for advertising Joint venture offers. Say you own a piece of land, or you an estate agent, and have a brief from your client to find a property developer, the JV Pulse platform will give your JV advert prime visibility. Check out other real estate websites, joint venture offers usually get lost in the middle of the ‘for sale’ or ‘to let’ offers. At JV Pulse your offer is KING because that is our primary focus.

JV Pulse is also created for Property Developers. You are a developer that needs to display your upcoming projects. You could also have a new property development starting in 3 months time, but you need to start with an off-plan sales campaign. JV Pulse gives you the visibility you need to achieve these goals and, you could also find that prefect JV offer which you have been looking for.

Real Estate

We believe Joint Ventures make the real estate world go round and our 3 core offerings are advertising joint ventures, advertising projects selling off-plan and advertising projects that are coming soon. We help you do this either for free of you could buy one of our premium paid listings.

Bringing people together, who believe in joint venture partnerships for the development of real estate is our passion and if you have read this far we are pretty sure you also have the same interest.

To get started,  join now on  www.jvpulse.com